“Lets play whack a mole!!”

The TEA PARTY breeds and thrives in the United States off a diet of Evangelistic fanaticism . minority bigotry, uniformed ignorance of dumb asses and Koch Brother funding.This is a lethal cocktail of societal destruction. THE MODERATE REPUBLICAN is doomed to its own core base.

John Boehner is it’s  symptom…He just doesn’t make any sense when he opens his mouth.

Polls consistently show that Speaker John Boehner has the trust and faith of about 8% of the American people that when he says the American people are on  his side he’s as full of shit as a constipated Chris Christie !

The rest of America thinks he’s a weak cup of pretend breakfast tea.

THE ORANGE IS OFF THE VINE ..and has been for a long time. Johnny is in a relationship with a wind tunnel and white light.

John’s ability to control the crazed irrational insane destructive TEA PARTY members of Congress resembles Harry Reid arm wrestling the Incredible Hulk!

John had all the power over the TEA PARTY that Dennis Miller has over ever making an audience laugh again.

John’s latest press conference makes it clear that he doesn’t believe in what he’s saying. When asked why there’s yet another committee to get to the bottom of the Benghazi problem when it appears that the GOP is fund-raising off the death of Americans his reply was such a non answer than translators from the United Nations had to be sent for.

John had all the influence over the Tea Party in Congress that REHAB has over Lindsay Lohan.

John is as popular with the “American people” as a Tabasco enema.

After his last presser under fire John broke his own record with a 7 Martini lunch.

Eric Cantor has been breathing so hard down Boehner neck his tan began to peel.

Eric Cantor reminds John that moderation in the name of compromise might get you run over by a militia.

The REPUBLICANS are looking for strong leadership in their House Speaker as they prepare to get rid of government as we know it  at the mid terms and become Argentina in the 50’s.

John Boehner and his fellow Congress people are on permanent vacation taking a well-earned rest from responsibility of any kind; other than protecting their racist and “Koch bribed” base.

John Boehner will appear on Hannity’s show next week and blame Obama for the first and last thing that comes into his mind.

               ” Sorry I seem to have some DARJEELING in my eyes!!

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