If we thought the TEA PARTY crowd are a bunch of fanatical weirdos wait until the “American people” get a load of the “Gypsies Tramps and Thieves” sect ..the  followers of Texas extremist and semi American Ted Cruz…a man whose building a grandstand destined to eventually burn down…

Ted is putting together a band of brothers and sisters that bring a new meaning to the words…”Putz”…His crystallizing mob of wild-eyed fanatics are being subjected to his barrage of crazy assed rhetoric like his ever popular “closing down the government” or  “killing Obamacare” and his latest crowdpleaser if you’re on the same page as the Wizard of the wacked :”Ignoring the 1st Amendment”.

Ted is indeed… as we have said before… Anne Coulter with bigger breasts and prettier.

We believe Ted is not a stupid man, but one who wants to get his name mentioned when ever possible ..and what better way to do it than to take on the entire establishment with so much out of control bullshit he makes Palin look like an Alaskan housewife on Valium. WAIT A MINUTE that’s what she is…

No wonder she goes on Fox News and tells the World Ted’s the man.. Actually Ted is a boy playing in a man’s world right now.

Hey… the Muslim faith has its Three Stooges insane idiot freaks too…Those Mullahs who think women are one above farm animals on the social ladder…and who diddle young boys while tell the impressionable slightly older young boys they should blow themselves up for Allah so they can f*ck multi- virgins in the other life!”

But that’s them and this is IS THE TEXAS CRUZ-SECT…

These fanatically strange Texans are one above telling their folks to blow themselves up for JESUS!

Oprah and the Pope are anti-Christs and Hitler did the Jews a favor by killing 6,000,000 of their people ….

MEANWHILE in Texas they look like they’re about to ban public schools and make sure that all kids in that great state are taught that JESUS and Raptors got along just fine.

The gun sects are everywhere and so are the anti-abortion sects…in fact the South and parts of the North West are becoming one giant sect scandal. The 5 SCOTUS Roman CATHOLICS sare a small dangerous sect. Open carrying small Dicks are a sect…and talking of sects…we may need to see Bevis and ButtHead making a comeback…that would be a sectual aberration.


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