ANGRIER BIRDS……………………………

Judging from today’s poll 76 % of the people of this country think the way things are going in Washington is complete pigeon droppings.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that what’s happening in Washington stays in Washington while the rest of the country takes a terminal  shit fit…and the anger comes from every side of the political spectrum.

Its being caused by what??


#1 The  George Bush years coming back to haunt us like some gigantic evil monetary turd spirit.. that’s what!!

#2 The tone deafness and bigotry of the right-wing who cannot stand to take orders from a Democrat ..let alone a black guy who shakes his fingers at the red necks and the bigots and the South and tells them to compromise.Like they’re gonna do that!!!..

There’s as much chance of that happening as Marcus Bachmann giving up his eye liner.

The basic Republicans are angry because they don’t think a Democrat  should ever be the President.

The TEA PARTY is angry because they were not born in GERMANY in the 30’s.

The Independents are angry because they never know what’s going on even when things are good

The main stream DEMOCRATS are angry because they don’t know what”main stream” means any more!!  Some of them like war and others don’t like war… Some of them like equality and some of them don’t like equality…, and some of them like Rachel… and some of them don’t.!!

….And the Progressives are angry because they can’t get enough of the other Progressives to get mad enough to take to the streets in huge numbers and burn down the Fox Studios amongst other notable buildings.

This is the reason that the video game “Angry Birds” is so popular… and we’re designing the sequel “Angry People.

In this game the players just destroy as many Washington politicians as they can. The biggest amount of points you can score is when you destroy the TEA PARTY totally and without mercy……its very satisfying ..even as a game.


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