The 2nd GOP debate” took place in Iowa this week to a crescendo of yawning indifference.

To put the whole thing in perspective in an internet straw poll taken just before the debate “SOMEBODY ELSE” came in head of everyone else.

If ignorance is bliss then Michelle Bachmann is the REPUBLICAN’S designer drug of choice.

Tim Pawlenty tried hard to overcome two major factors in his run for president.. one is he looks like a moderate whether he likes it or not…and two …his name sounds like a disease you get if there’s mold in your house.

At least Tim tried to break through the morass of total bat sh*t confusion known to intelligent people as “any Michelle Bachmann sentence in the Universe that tries to explain anything.”

A word highlight example of Bachmann confusion: “A blank check for $2,000,000!” This highlight made even Fox’s Chris Wallace think about leaving journalism for an easier job like nuclear physicist.

Mitt Romney spent the whole debate performing his multi million dollar personal fortune version of the popular 80’s hit “Bland on the Run!”

MEANWHILE back at the “Bachmann Squirm festival”… when asked is she was a “submissive wife” Michelle said ” we both are!”

Newt complained that Chris Wallace asked him a “gotcha question!” …and vowed he’d call Rupert and have Chris hacked to within an inch of his life.

Rick Santorum spend the debate trying to answer the question on everyone’s mind…WHY RICK WHY??”

Herman Cain told Fox news that although he may look black ..that’s the only black thing about him.

Cain also told the crowd he’s running because he has a three cheese pizza with image of Jesus that told him to.

Meanwhile back at Bachmann… in a summary of why America didn’t need a debt ceiling… she succinctly made the case for guys in white suits with sedatives and restraints to come and get her.

Footnote! Although Sarah Palin and Rick Perry were not at the debate they were both represented by the unseen entity known as “God.”

Sarah by the God of inane publicity and Rick by the God of great hair but nothing under it.

We can sum up the debate by quoting the title of a Bill Shakespeare play.. and we’ll let you guys work out what it is. Here are your choices:


“Othello ?”

“Much Ado About Nothing?”

Entries close in five minutes.


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