“RED DOMINATRIX!”…………………..





                          The subservient compliant timid liberals”

                          “HOUSEWIVES OF RED STATES GO SADO!!”

      Its going to get physical ! If you can’t beat ’em ..beat ’em up!!

Michelle and Sarah are the role models for the Red State Housewives …women destined to claw their way back to the kitchen , apple pie, Sunday church and having babies whether you want them  or not!!.

Red State Housewives that stay with their men even when they’re screwing hookers while wetting their adult diapers…Red State Housewives who stay with their husbands even when they’re hopelessly gay dancing fools..

**Already Red state Houswife Marcus Bachman  has “man”handled a CNN African-American reporter and threatened to scratch his eyes out and mess up his hair. VIOLENT!!!

And egged on by other Red State houswives… Perry is threatening horrible Texas style torture of adversaries to everyone he knows that will get him more press..These women have no mercy…but great bodies…

When the GOP Party leaders start to get physical…It won’t be long before those lock step “InFoxinated” zombie viewers of both sexes start donning black leather and high heels and hitting the streets looking to make the populace into slaves to their whips and  chains and lower taxes. 

                              “HOUSEWIVES OF RED STATES!”

Those Texas Boots were made for walking all over those pinko Athiests asses! 

But what if the Blue State Houswives are out there in greater numbers than the Red State Housewives and had their kind of influence on those sissy Libs….what then??

What if the real anger in this country supersedes the Tea Party and comes from the rest of the country… the rest of the people…the people the GOP, the TEA PARTY,Fox News and the Koch Brothers are taking for fools and continue try to run unchecked and roughshod over the Democracy that used to be?. 

These Liberal socialist “fools” who may, in the long run, be the only salvation this country has in fighting off  the Visigoths of corporate power who are already gathering at the shaky gates… and buying their way perhaps to another Supreme Court coup for their new society. 

The Bush criminals f*cked it up for the average American for eight years and we haven’t got it back… now they’re out to try to give us not just more of the same… but worse than more of the same!

We should start thinking about finding some “BLUE STATE HOUSEWIVES FROM HELL” ..it may be the only way back now we see what these people are really up to!! 

                     Crack that whip Mistress “Mrs. Sandra Socialist.”

    Let’s put some stilleto heels into the REPUBLICAN bubble and burst it! 


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