Recently when asked a question about the TEA PARTY’S obvious politically suicidal tendencies the taciturn HOWARD DEAN asked “what are they smoking?”

We’ve touched on this in a blog before but there is proof now that something really weird must be going on in the brains of the strategists of the Far Right…but maybe not ..maybe they know something we don’t. Listening to Tex-ass Perry’s outlandish “brute talk” and Sen. Coburn wanting to shoot his fellow members of the Senate there may be a nerve out there we’re missing..otherwise why would they sound so totally belligerent?

Let’s just summarize those words “The Far Right.”

“The Far Right” was what the GERMAN people bought into in the 1930’s.

Extremism in the name of order, not opposition regarding policies,adherence to the military industrial complex, dominance of the white race, the crushing of minorities and gays, and complete loss of a sense of humor. …Sound familiar?

Strange as it may seem people here can’t see the gathering storm trooper clouds.  Things are different of course…In the 30’s millions of German’s were out of work, they felt bad about their country’s standing in the world which had been diminished by losing a war. They felt their Liberal government was weak and didn’t know how to fix the economy. The German “Congress” seemed unable to come to decisions that would alleviate their misery…sound familiar ? 

The angry GERMAN  jobless felt hopeless and inferior until a clever ruthless well-financed extreme right-wing political party and its radical leader started preaching a fake populace message that resonated amongst the disgruntled ignorant masses.  Sound familiar?

There was a brilliant non stop media propaganda machine that pounded the extremist right-wing message at a willing duped public…scared ordinary people began to respond to this hidden violent racist message…. Sound familiar? 

A new and virulent one party anti democratic movement began to rise to power as the GERMAN PEOPLE took leave of their senses and willingly brought the “Far Right” to power.

“The Far Right” then proceeded in a few short years to totally f*ck their own people and turn their country into a wasteland killing millions in a losing quest for world domination.

You want “The Far Right” …you got it!

The best answer to this scary scenario is that this is a country far larger in population and diversity than GERMANY…We are a multicultural society and not as one dimensional in ideas and thoughts as the smaller and angry GERMANS. What we do have here however are the seeds of  a huge split in ideologies.

ONE : Is the troubling corporate idea of an America run completely as a business with no thoughts of the human element where profit is God, which is weird because…is the other is….

TWO:  The equally troubling philosophy of a moral one party Bible following Christian moralistic America where God is God …but only their version of a God.

Either one of these two forms of a new America would not work…we may not have a perfect system but its better than these insane and ridiculous ideas of how to run the biggest and most complex country on the planet ..a country we don’t want to get out of and a country that millions of  peo0ple wish they could get into.


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