This has been happening regularly and its beginning to unnerved me.. I think I’m doing a good job writing a progressive blog, “friending” like-minded folks on FACE BOOK and “tweeting” my ass off….but all this is obviously not enough for my cat.

He’s pissed off he’s the same color as John Boehner so that may be his problem!

I think, however,  what he’s on about  is that I can write-up a storm and I can tweet up a storm  but he wants me out on the streets with a sign looking angry not just writing and tweeting angry. Passivity is anathema to this cat.

I never knew I had a reactionary cat.

If I put a certaincat food in front of him  he will look at it and then at me with disdain and look like he’s saying “what shit is this that I’m never gonna eat?”

I suppose that’s reactionary in its way…But my cat doesn’t pick up a sign and go marching around the block with the other cats. about it!!

My cat is not asking me to go to Libya or anything like that but I get the feeling he thinks I’m a bleeding heart couch potato liberal and I should be much much more .

I catch him watching Bernie Sanders and purring….I see him licking his tail in pleasure while the Maddow show is on…He approves of me watching this as long as when it’s over  we play rushing through the house and scaring the shit out of the bird!

But bottom line..I know my cat thinks I’m  a sissy-man when it comes to revolutionary stuff..So I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll sit him down in front of me and print out a protest sign and then make like I’m going down to the town hall and cause Libesal Protest shit to happen!


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