I just saw an interview on CNN between the criticisms of Obama taking a vacation and only three quarters filling an arena

It was all about Bi-Sexuality with two women sitting and seriously discussing the subject of bisexuality.. This on a “not so slow news day” too!  ** True story!!

I thought ..”Oh they’re gonna go all “Marcus Bachmann” here…that would be logical for them to get it so wrong about Mrs. Bachmann ..but to their credit that’s not where they went.

They were talking about this recent study to prove that men and women could literally be clinically bi-sexual.

This is where it gets hilarious however. Here are two straight women discussing this experiment with bi sexual men.

The test they explained was centred around a bunch of men who claimed to be bi sexual having electrodes attached to their genitals who were then shown men having sex with men and men having sex with women.

The test was what excited these guys more male or female boffing?  Who stayed flaccid and who got wood!

The results were surprising.

During the results being handed to the participants showing some liked men more, some liked women more …all  of the  men became  aroused  by a Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoon.

But like Fox News  I tend to make sh*t up


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