After reading the news every day and watching the punditry giving credence to a lousy bunch of pathetic would be Presidential candidates …its obvious that America is slowly going out of its cotton pickin’ mind.

Things are beginning to not make any sense at all..

For instance recently  on Fox News on a Greta Van S  show they actually cut “Mister Pudgy” Karl Rove off when he ranted against Sarah Palin’s BS. This is like Hitler cutting Goebbels’ off !.. and what was Karl complaining about?  How thin-skinned Palin  was!..huh?….Fox News ..get thee to a shrink!

The GOP candidates pandering to the rabid racist dog attendees at the debates as they attack minorities with red meat verbal diatribes… Its like watching Hyenas circling before a kill. Disgusting…hateful …mean spirited..not good for South Carolina’s tourist trade with the five African-Americans who don’t play sport or are on MSNBC and can still afford to take a vacation.


We have the power vested in us by our brain to avoid the coming potential political take over of our society by Wall Street , the Banks and the Supreme Court.

We see it in Wisconsin when we came out of our houses and we picked up our picket signs and we were solid and we’re gonna recall that Walker weasel’s little Ponzi scheme…

We laugh when the vicious nasty ego maniac grifter serial adulterer Gingrich says he’s found God and God has forgiven him….When he and/or any of the other loser lying Republicans mediocrity from hell come up against Obama they must be taken behind the barn and given a whuppin’ like never before!

We saw it in the peaceful protests at the White House concerning the Canadian Oil pipeline that will decimate public lands in two countries. Obama has responded to that turkey.

We are out there in our millions… but we are not out there enough… we need to realize just how impossible it will be to get our sanity back if we allow these corpo-clowns to take away our hope and our trust in this country….so we say get thee to a shrink.. and remember MEDICARE pays a good part of most legitimate visits. Find out about your inner American!!

We are all the Occupy Movement !

                                     WE ARE SPARTACUS!!!

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  1. Very well said! And painfully true!

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