Pat Robertson has just announced that the cracks in the Washington Monument are an act of God!

Rick Perry is at the moment planning a meeting with the most extreme right-wing Christian organisation in the country,.,.This is for the purpose of forming a Christian America that will bring back the word of God as its most important task.

Michelle and the other Mrs Bachmann cannot get John Wayne’s birthplace or Elvis Presley’s death right..and they expect to run a country??

Oh we could go on….

The country has definitely taken leave of its collective senses.

87% think Congress is a pile of complete losers…87%!!!


THIS IS MAJOR VOTERS REMORSE.like going to a Dennis Miller concert thinking he was going to be funny and finding out he’s as funny as root canal and a Tabasco enema at the same time…

The GOP is not sure of who they want to be their candidate…Paul Ryan the man who wants to kill old people and Chris Christie…people actually take them seriously..really??

Okay Chris Christie is the PRESIDENT and when you come through customs anywhere there’s this huge fat guy who looks like he just ate a terrorist suspect staring down at you… He ‘s like he should be the host of “Man Vs. Food” not the leader of the WESTERN world…. By the way if he was host “Food” would never win!!

Hey your looks should not count.. you should look at the person!!…but to look at Chris Christie you need IMAX…

I know this is harsh…but do you think I care what anyone who wants to take away my dignity and my chance to live longer while letting the richest people remain above the basic needs of human beings.

So in all truth and all reality the extreme right-wing Christian snake oilers can kiss my ass and I can’t wait for Jesus to come back and tell Rick Perry to stick to politics and let Him take care of the snake kissers and the armed extremist militias.

He can do that you know and while he’s walking on water yet!!!!  So sooner than  later the big white trucks with the well trained guys in white suits will be coming to get this collection of insane REPUBLICANS. Then some GOP smart person might say.. “You know these Tea Party people suck. nobody likes them…they act like pigs in Congress and they can’t spell…Romney’s looking good for a Mormon but isn’t there anyone out there who isn’t a hopelessly crazy as bat sh*t loser ??


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