Have you dealt with the so-called kings of capitalism… the corporations… lately.?  I have…and seriously folks we may think the Fed sucks…but the compared with dealing with the stupidity of some of the people I have to deal with from the corporate level..the Fed is a giant of efficiency.

Its like trying to make sense out of the TEA PARTY in Alice in Wonderland…and then trying to make sense out of the TEA PARTY from the Koch Brothers at the same time.

The people who are way at the top of the corporate structure with whom I have come into contact with are arrogant beyond belief. This is not to say they’re all like that.. I ‘ve met a few great thinkers ..but more great stinkers!

One has to ask one’s self when meeting some of these execs..”How did these people get these jobs?” I’ll say one thing for them..when they get up there on the top floors they sure now how to party…

Where corporate power breaks down as far as efficiency is concerned is in middle management. Energised entrepreneurs need not apply.

In the American corporate world of today a great original idea is quickly turned into a massive research problem. Upper middle management personnel cover themselves from making a decision by putting middle echelon personal in charge so their asses are covered in case the great idea doesn’t work and they can assign blame.

Middle echelon then passes it down to lower middle class management who are scared shitless of anything past getting the lunch orders right… So all the data of the great idea coming from the gut of a brave and original thinker is stuffed into a computer with everyone’s fears and doubts about it NOT working… the theory being: “Nobody’s to blame if it doesn’t work apart from that damn computer.!”CORPORATE  POWER SUCKS!!!

The United States Government with all its faults is still by far the best bet for keeping American strong. The states that are weathering this current recession best are the States that rely on their partnership with that government. A government that was voted into power by the people for the people and had nothing to do with  the greedy dysfunctional corporate criminals who think DEMOCRACY is a waste of time on their way to their inefficient wrong-headed take over of society.


To all those corporate bosses with whom I’m dealing with at this moment ..you are excluded from this rant basically because in a couple of instances you have actually picked up the phone and spoken with me personally. I’m sincerely hoping that the ideas you seem keen on are not shuffled down the line to a bunch of losers who will not be in their jobs next year ..but more than likely will be in other jobs where they will f*ck things up as badly as they are now. I’m as much of a whore as the next business guy and I will sleep with the enemy but I won’t be gentle!!


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