“THE TEA PARTY IS RACIST!”and other hits songs.

As the TEA PARTY bus tour …bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers your friendly enablers… gets under way  this has to be said again.

The TEA PARTY is a white racist party!

This was made clear on the Rachel Maddow show last week when Rachel  interviewed a college professor who’d just completed a survey of all political and religious movements in the USA.

In general popularity with the public according to this poll the so-called TEA PARTY came in dead last.

The poll also asked questions about race and the TEA PARTY almost unanimously agreed they disliked blacks and the country’s immigration policies.

THE TEA PARTY IS A MADE UP NAME …There is no such party..it is a “movement” like what happens to your bowels..Its a movement like when people move out the way when Chris Christie orders lunch.

As 90% of the people in it are REPUBLICANS it makes it really just the far right-wing racist wing of the GOP.  It’s the GOP’s excuse that allows them to capture the bigot vote… and then claim they love black people and Mexicans and all those other inferior races.

So next time you see anyone aligning themselves with the “Tea Party’s policies” on the MSM know that the hidden 800 pound Elephant in the news room is being fitted for a white sheet.

Its been formed to get rid of the smart black guy..

“All the Tea Partiers stacked in a row,

White as a lily and not a  Negro!”

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