FOX STINK…………………………

Last night SEAN HANNITY left his usual anti Obama rant to go on an even crazier madman’s rant against Obama.!!

This mean one of two things… SEAN IS OFF HIS MEDS AGAIN..and Sarah Palin is rejecting his requests for more pairs of her panties for his collection….or Sean is noticing that the economy is improving and nobody has a Fox spin on that yet.

The DEMOCRATS are praying to Newt’s newly minted God and anyone else’s God that the GOP is racist and stupid enough to make Newt their nominee

Sean Hannity’s ass kissing interview with Cheney…where he panders and grovels at the war criminal’s feet is enough to make one blow chunks… and enjoy an enema to feel partially clean after watching this travesty.

Sean gives the Irish a bad name… and if he was a Jew he’d give Jews a bad name .. and if he were an Eskimo give Eskimos a bad name. ..if he were DENNIS MILLER he’d already be a bad name.


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