Dick Cheney is backkkk!!! He’s promoting a book and attempting to make money from the blood and death of 40,000 Americans and countless Iraqi’s who died in his senseless destructive unwinnable war.

The Svengali of the moronic Bush baby regime is actually being given air time by the main stream media.


And here come hideous robotic machine man from the depths of Hades ..the “whore criminal” intent on explaining why horrible torture and pain saved America from terrorism….

Dick Cheney has been asked to star  as the lead in a remake of Night of the Living Dead.

There was a power surge at Cheney’s house last night and Dick got his first woody in 15 years.

Dick Cheney can’t travel to Europe or they’ll arrest him for crimes against humanity and publishing.

Dick Cheney puts the blame for failure squarely on the shoulders of everyone in the World but him.

MTV accused of threatening his life  by planning a “Dick Cheney Unplugged” show.

Although Dick Cheney has a malfunctioning heart he still is an active asshole!

Liz Cheney is following in her father’s goose steps!

Cheney’s best friend told reporters that this book tour will be a real shot in the face for Dick.

All the major networks seem scared to go after Cheney some say because after his last operation he can spit acid.

Keith has been turned down for an interview as he was seen at Home Depot buying wire cutters.

Rachel has been told she’s not on the list due to Liz Cheney aversion to the truth.

Colin Powell says the Cheney book is like a “Tabloid paper” but with much less class!

Cheney has been accused of writing a vindictive spiteful superficial litany of unsubstantiated untruths….when Sarah Palin heard this she immediately asked for a translator.

His agent says Dick Cheney will appear on all shows for a large fee and “batteries included!”

The Chinese government was pleased to announce that the Cheney heart pump was made in Shanghai by non-union 12 years olds with no benefits and a 15 minute lunch break twice a week.

As Dick cannot go hunting or fishing due to the problem of batteries…many of his friends have been able to reduce the cost of their life insurance policies.

Dick will also be selling some other items which include a complete waterboarding combination package for 19.95 with the added attraction of testicles electrodes and silver plated thumb screws.and a book called “How to be a unapologetic unrepentant Asshole for Dummies!”


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