When the BACHMANN family condones “curing the gay” by actually taking government money the hypocrites ride the range. A credible candidate ..as certain main stream media ninnies call her is about as credible as a Dennis Miller laugh track.

The prissy Marcus whom most see as a man without a summer dress is such an open fraud he makes a Ponzi scheme seem legit.

Gay activists are now showing up at certain BACHMANN rallies dressed as barbarians ..this is hilarious but way beyond the scope of the BACHMANN’S sense of humor which could not have left the building because it never entered. Extreme right wingers do not have a sense of humor …they only watch John Stewart with a translator.

They think Dick Cheney is funny.

They saw the humor in “Texas Chain Saw Massacre” that most others could not see…

When gay people show up at the BACHMANN Rallies dressed as Konans and Attilas.. they just think the stupid gays are celebrating Halloween early.

Our suggestion is for a massive amount of Gay Americans to descend in costume at all BACHMANN RALLIES …not only as Barbarians but in drag as Michelles….Can you imagine 80,000 drag queens in full Michelle nails and hair dressed as Dominatrix and chewing on corndogs… the mind boggles..

Marcus may just give up and succumb to his real self and dress up in a cute French maid’s costume and run through the crowd looking for a sexy daddy to serve.

Next weekend would be a good day to start ladies..Its “LABOR GAY!”

               Let me get that gay out of you…I’ve got a vault full of it….


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