This will be the first debate that Rick Perry featuring the “Hairman of the Board!”

Some of the questions we’d like to ask.

#1. You called Social Security a Ponzi scheme …did God give you that one?

#2. You don’t trust Washington so will  you move the seat of government to TEXAS.?

#3. Are you seriously  considering Chuck Norris of Vice President.?

#4. Will your Christian nation allow atheists to go shopping?

#5. Are you planning to have America secede from the United Nations?

#6. How are you planning much smaller government while wanting to govern women’s bodies and having government close down public schools and keep the borders safe.

#7. Is it true you’re going to tell Willy Nelson to cut his hair and get a real job.?

#8. If you stop all collective bargaining do you have a non-union hairstylist?

#9. In your fixation with evolution will you ban Jurassic Park and deport Spielberg?

#10. Are you planning to clear out MSNBC with the Texas Rangers?


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