The no talented non star non celebrities of REALITY TV saturate the airwaves and the viewing time of their millions of fans and detractors 

Today’s criterion for success on  TV is to be “a nobody made into a somebody”…mostly without anything to do with talent or skills.

Okay there’s American Idol, but that isn’t a reality show its a talent show that separates the tone-deaf from the almost tone-deaf… and occasionally finds a singer who can carry a song.  

In “Biggest Loser” all you have to be is a mass of  emotional blubbering obesity and talk English.

In “The Batchelor” you have to look like a horny guy with nice hair and a smirk.

In “Jersey Shores” the most talented thing anyone does is screw..or talk about screwing..and that doesn’t have anything to do with carpentry.

And as for everyone’s favorite “Keeping up with the Kardashians” you have to be rich, vapid, self-indulgent beyond reason, know how to drive a Maserati and which way to swipe a platinum American Express card. 

None of these so-called “REALITY STAR” celebrities do anything apart from being what they are….which is “nothing on toast”  They are figments created by producers who are very smart at exploiting them in their incompetence. When they fail they are quickly tossed back into the obscurity from which they were plucked… they are flotsam ..they are debris.  

The winners could just as well be the losers…  but that’s what is their obvious charm to the TV public who lap up this non entertainment like it’s a double sized chocolate malted with whip cream on top.

Bruce Jenner who’s had almost as much face work as Cher and who looks more and more like her every day wanders through the KARDASHIANS “made up sub plot” like an ex-athlete caught in his wife and daughter’s headlights.. and Kim certainly gives great enhanced headlights. 

Bruce looks like a gigalo on speed.   He’d have had a better shot on ‘Survivor”..where at least he could’ve won the log-rolling and the spear throwing.

Writers are an anathema to the producers of REALITY SHOWS.. they are called “non-scripted shows.” …This is bullshit… nothing is written down…but everything is “suggested” in all these shows…”suggested” by “segment producers”to the no talents..who, given their heads on any of these shows ,would be as dull as a DENNIS MILLER gag writers meeting.

These shows are called “non scripted” for a very good reason..you don’t have to pay WGA union wages or contribute to the well-being of creative writers..people who think..have wit and some degree of intellect…

In a way this is just another corporate way of dumbing down the masses to the drone like quality of the reality show non-celebrities celebrities themselves.

“Housewives of Beverly Hills” will be matched against  “Housewives of New Jersey” in a huge arm wrestling show on ESPN soon… pecs will tighten …makeup will flow …eyes will be scratched out!!! 



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