Fox News becomes shriller ever hour …on the hour!

Their theories on every aspect of American life are like something out of The Dairy of a Mad Man.”…”Panic in the Streets!”….Go for broke…let America know its all over unless we nuke nuke nuke..keep giving John McCain and Lindsey a microphone …let them contradict each other and don’t show the other video when they totally says the opposite to what they’ve just said (SEE RACHEL ALWAYS FOR THE TRUTH)…Never have anyone on to rebut total bullshit!!!

Fox News embrace seditious statements from GOP extremists with no recourse as they seemingly agree with ridiculous far out crazy outrageous points of view that are so off basic mainstream thinking that they appear to be out of Japanese violent anime.

Like Brian “loose lips” Kalmeade this week agreeing with some out to lunch Republican shills about suggesting that the joint chiefs of staff resign en masse.

There must be fear in the ranks for this doubling down on the “anti-anything vaguely resembling reality blitzkrieg” of Obama hate!

Even as Obama seems to capitulate to certain demands of the enemy and opens the gates to TEA PARTY bullying over bombing ISIS IN Iraq and Syria and allows certain Koch Brother designed theories of GOP voter suppression.

We’re staunchly from the left here and we’re beginning to feel out there “They are winning on all fronts as so much money is poured into the campaign not so much to defeat DEMOCRATS but to defeat the very government that attempts to run the country.

Maybe the bad guys at Fox know something we don’t know.

ITS WEIRD!! Fox ramps up the ranting raving rhetoric. Are they Woody Woodpecker on speed?
Is Fox News panicking because even as Obama swings center the REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES swing even further and further right and they feel their power base slipping away into old aged white people and completely blind red necked idiots only…its great for ratings but are those people buying goods as advertized.

Could GOP voters learn to love the total crazy radical ‘seceding’ Christian Dominionist woman hating , Social Security and MEDICARE destroying , Ebola fucking up, Texas mental case Rick Perry as our first American Führer?  A Texan with great hair but no chance of winning a debating match with the smart woman with more balls than most DEMOCRATS  who seems to be running already. Who else they got..A Bush?..no thanks.. A Paul? forget it…a Christie? so much baggage and that’s just not his pants…Rubio?…no cigar…Mitt …no more of that sh*t…Ted Cruz? ..a missile waiting to fizzle…

We think Roger Ailes thinks he sees the “voting writing on the walls” and is definitely in need of stronger fear factor and some major hysterics and so he just going for it..Cheney wise…and Rumsfeld wise..letting the war mongering loser loonies back into the mainstream



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