John Boehner and Mitch McConnell constantly refer to what the “American people” want.

But after saying what “the American people” want…they just make sh*t up that they want!!

The GOP with their new basic (Tea -parted from reality cult) philosophies have made up an “American People” that just does not exist anywhere but in their tiny minds and in the deep deep oily cogs of their propaganda machines.

In this “Brigadoon World”… “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” don’t want regulations on anything at all…they don’t want public schools or free health care… and they want “less intrusive much smaller government” telling women what to do with their bodies.!!!   How you do that “interfering with women’s right’s” thing without “larger intrusive government” is not explained by the GOP’s version of what the “American People” want.

In this TEA-WORLD .”The American People” are not black or any other color but definitively white..they are a narrow framed version of some form of demented Christianity for sure , they hate unions , gays, anything to do with clean air and water, humor and MSNBC.

“The American People” of the Perry/Bachmann/Palin/Boehner/ McConnell/DeMint/Fox/ World will vote for whom so ever has the most virulent anti DEMOCRATIC message and if you might ask us why the “American People” will do this? …it’s because these GOP Koch Brother’s/Fox News duped scared bigots and tone-deaf religious zealots are not “the American people”…we’ll see what the real McCoys do next November.



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