In a dramatic move veteran campaign manager Ed Rollins and his staff were seen running screaming from the BACHMANN HEADQUARTERS last night…

 They looked like they’d totally lost it!!

Their hair was a mess and some of them were in a state of insane hysteria yelling stuff like :

“We tried to stop her.. we really did…but she just kept saying things like when I’m PRESIDENT  gas prices will go down to a $1.50 a gallon!!”

“She doesn’t listen to what we’re saying to her ..It’s like she’s got this glassy stare and some of the staff have turned into vegetable people and are doing harm to themselves!

“Its like trying to make sense of an ancient language that only Michelle BACHMANN speaks.”     

“It was just too hard keeping Marcus from trying to “get the gay out” of other people while leaving it in himself!!

**Ed Rollins has booked himself into a sanitarium for the “BACHMANN IMPAIRED” He will undergo a series of  TEA PARTY detox sessions.

Ed  has to “get the Michelle out of him.”

The REPUBLICAN DEBATE scheduled for next week promises to be so extremely right of center that we may see some goose stepping and a “Zeig Heil” or two!

But Michelle won’t have Ed to kick around any more..he’s taking “a senior position!”

This usually means he’s aged five years in six months working with the bat-shit woman from outer space. His senior status will however get him a large economical breakfast at I-Hop and further reduced men’s clothing  at Ross Dress for Less on Tuesdays.



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