“GET THE MESSAGE RICK?”

The 800 pound Gorilla of “seceding unAmericanism” Governor Rick Perry gathered together all the snake kissing religious nut cases in America recently to pray for rain…and got fire!!!

Surely this must get through to some of the more intelligent religious people in TEXAS  as being a message from God that Rick and the raving Rattler lovers are full of sh*t?

Does God have to send Jesus back to re-iterate that Church and State separation stuff that was the backbone of the Founding Father’s desires for this multi religious and multi cultural society?

That these elitist Christian con-artists and shysters…these grifters and bigots… are allowed tax-free status to continue to deliver their hatred of DEMOCRACY.. and their twisted racist philosophies is just plain ludicrous..

If anybody should be arrested for fraud on a grand scale its got to be the bogus Christian right pastors who run the mega churches with no regulations what so ever.

…And the new messiah and leader of this pack of rats?? The snake oil salesman himself the “hair apparent” to a White Christian America..the bully …even without a pulpit…. Rick ‘puffed up’ Perry.

Last night it was rumored that a whole village of rural Texan Global Warming critics burned to the ground.

They wanted a rain storm and got a fire storm…they didn’t see it coming as they had their heads up their asses and buried in the sands of their own destruction.

**We made that up about the climate change village burning ..but it probably happened.

Meanwhile over at Fox News they’re having a contest to see what the best spin might be to blame Obama for the wild fires and an outbreak of head lice in the Deep South.

Nostradamus wrote in one of his prophecies that “a man called Obama will make a weak conciliatory speech to Congress in which there will be booing from the uncouth rabble known as the GOP and no real solution to the way to get America back to work.will be encountered ”

We don’t have to be a prophet to know that.


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