The GOP  TEA-BATE was …to a coin Rick Perry favorite…a “giant Ponzi scheme.”

Lies. Lies and more lies… and not a rebuttal in sight from the moderators..

Perry looks like somebody inflated his chest to match his ego!…

The TEA PARTY’S “Hair Apparent’s” take on Climate Change makes Donald Trump sound almost plausible.

Perry was fiddling while TEXAS burns… and the wild fires are the fault of Socialists…and although we will need FEMA to rebuild …we need to get rid of government assistance and interference in our lives…This is crazy stuff!!

When Mitt Romney makes more sense that the rest of the losers ..things are pretty bad.

The would be’s came …they pontificated ..they said nothing but a bunch of crap to appease the extremist element of their own party.  This is because there is no way anybody with the slightest sop to moderation stands a chance with the fanatical bunch of NUT JOBS now wrestling power away from reality..the TEA BIGOT PARTY!!


Conservativism..bullsh*t! …this is a rigged primary singing the praises of the brutal side of this country. The audience cheered when slimy beyond recognition PERRY praised capital punishment.

Applauding killing was always a GOP staple. At least there are “jobs jobs jobs” for the lethal injection business..

The tea-bate was held in Simi Valley California …home of the REAGAN Library .. and the home of the all white jury that acquitted the cops in the Rodney King beating case that started some of the most serious LA race riots of the 80’s.

Ron Paul wore an ill-fitting suit ..it may well be he’d had it tailor-made ..but by tailors with no regulations on  taste.

Newt Gingrich was there appearing outraged and over the top while his wife appeared over the top of the limit at Tiffany’s.

John Huntsman looked like an intelligent man trying to keep his head above water in a sea of idiots.

Herman Cain once again lost ground with  African-Americans as he sounded more and more like Pat Boone.

Bachman is so convinced she’s going to be PRESIDENT  she’s picked out the Marcus’ ensemble.

Romney promised to look great … and when in doubt bring “wishy-washy” to his stand on just about everything ..Romney is so busy promising everything to everybody he’s run out of archive space.

If terminal bullshit with no fact checking or rebuttals is what America wants .. they got it!!


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