The masterful performance of churlish petulant school children’s behaviour by the GOP CONGRESS  is highlighted by their contemptuous attitude towards Obama.

All forms of protocol seem to be abandoned by Boehner and McConnell’s  undignified and uncool performances for the non party Tea Party base. A base without which the GOP cannot and would not exist!

A base that is basically white and racist..and their lack of class and obvious bigotry was there for all the world to see for as long as the PRESIDENT is black..

The current perversion of the REPUBLICAN PARTY totally approved of these bigots. Smart black is not the color they approve of…

The rank and file of the GOP and their masters the Koch Brothers are hoping the “American people” will vote for another dumb ass white puppet who will do their bidding . A puppet who will take out all social services, all the way to cancelling Christmas for everyone who isn’t born again and believes in the end of times.

The Koch Brothers, by the way, have hired Suzanne Somers who has a new book coming out called “How to Live Forever!”

In this book Suzanne shows how rich people can pay to live forever through an expensive diet of eating the unemployed, the uneducated and poor people mixed with virgin olive oil and wheat germ.

If you look closely at the GOP  you can see the glint of voter suppression IN THEIR  eyes.

It must be plain for all to see that the GOP will stand in the way of the 21 st century on their way back to the 19th Century. This is manifested in the TEXAS GOVERNOR who revels in the death penalty….

The stage is set..  the players are in place and at stake is the future of this country.  Will it watch the NFL while Rome burns?Will it elect rich fool again to run things into the ground and with his finger on the nuclear button and who may just destroy another innocent country without compunction?

It’s the dumb versus the rest of us….hopefully there’s more of the latter.


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