It’s increasingly obvious that the extreme right in this country knows what it’s doing and how to beat the Democrats at the next election. They are organised, ruthless and without any kind of moral base. Its bad enough when we hear Perry/Bachmann/Palin/ lies and threats of violence ..we expect that from people purporting to have God in their corner.  After all have you read the world’s most violent book lately ..THE BIBLE?

But when a weasel like Mitt Romney makes a speech in which he says that Dick Cheney would’ve made a great President and the audience applauds and cheers a despicable proven war criminal what hope is there for us?

Is this indeed where we’re at right now.?. Applauding and condoning massive fraudulent war mongering killers of innocents and the flower of your military?  Cheering and applauding a man who advocates lethal injection of even innocents in the name of justice ..and screaming approval to allowing people to die if they have no health insurance ..is this what this country stands for?

Obviously YES…as the Right is smashing  Obama in the polls ..all sense of decency seems to have left us..

The mass media has won.. Fox has won…the hateful McConnell and Boehner believe they have the President on the ropes …We are beginning the era of the Koch-Big Brother Society.

I write a fairly popular blog with over 350 views a day.. I also contribute my personal views on Facebook sometimes.  There’s  anger out there for sure…but also lack of spirit to fight this onslaught on our way of life. It’s as if people just don’t want to know about it.. they don’t want to think this is happening ,they are in denial of the facts of life as they are developing right in front of their eyes.

When I report on something without the usual humor attached ..I get little response…anything racial little response… I get the feeling that the fight has gone out of the liberal cause…as its being so smashed in the face that people just think it’s too hard to battle the overwhelming media crush of lies and deceit.

The basic American dream is losing the battle against the corporate take down of Democracy.

The police state is slowly being allowed to become the norm.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are lonely normal voices in a wilderness of cartoon people who America seems to relish as their heroes and leaders.

I feel Obama is becoming one of them …as he sinks into defensive mod with the impossible task of persuading Americans that they are about to be tramples on by a party that has no regard for them at all and only wants to exploit them and keep them down.

Of course I could be an alarmist and a conspiracy theorist and a revolutionary tree hugging whale kissing socialist intent on taking over the world for the poor people who don’t deserve it.

Let me look in the Italian mirror I bought made in China.


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