First the CNN Tea Party sponsored “Blood Lust Comedy Hour Debate” .. and today the made up bullshirt poll showing 31 % of people wanting Hillary as President. This is just not kosher!!

Its like somebody at CNN has gone berserk and lost their marbles or has taken an enormous bribe from the Koch Brothers. ..or perhaps RADICAL EXTREMIST are holding the CNN boss’s daughter hostage in a warehouse somewhere.

Wolf Blitzer is sounding more and more like a Jewish Hannity in heat and the “news” skew is about as objective as Donald Trumps opinion of himself.

There’s something rotten in the state of CNN !

Next thing we’ll probably be seeing is a rack of CNN Blonde News Bimbos..complete with oiled legs, miniscule skirt lengths and the reporting skills of Miss South Carolina.

CNN is putting all its bad eggs in a new right basket full of directions down a one way street of exaggerations and bogus sensational anti Democrat news stories.

Its called cashing in on America’s stunted ignorance previously owned exclusively by Fox News. 

As the standards of balanced reporting on CNN sink into dismal right-wing garbage look for these trends.

**More coverage of the Ted Nugent concert tour.

**An hour special defending the rights of Palin’s one night /two night and three night stands as a young seething Alaskan sportscaster. 

 **Jimmy Swaggart’s interviews with the Holy Spirit.

**Anderson Cooper forced to insult climate scientists, The Teamsters, and gay married people.

Its a disturbing trend that could be stopped immediately by a second burning of Atlanta. 




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