Recently Allan Grayson nailed the TEA PARTY to the cross of bigotry and callous disregard for humanity.

He said they have exposed the deep dark violent side of the American character.

He warned that unless the DEMOCRATIC PARTY uses the phenomenon of this openly vicious rising tide of hatred and callously violent behavior to fight the TEA PARTY movement in the next year then  “God help us!”  

Hopefully Obama will help us it could be that he is the last chance.

At last we’re seeing ,in the base followers of the TEA PARTY, the unbridled and open embracing of a lack of regard for basic human dignity and respect for life from the “pro-lifers”

This is as sick as a Marcus Bachmann “getting rid of the gay” seminar on Fire Island. 

America is much better place than this ghastly litany of anger and the threats of physical reprisals and the worship of death now being openly shouted from the roof tops of their ignorance. 

That no Republican moderate stepped up to the plate to denounce the cheering for executions and the agreement that a man should be allowed to die because he didn’t have health insurance from the TEA PARTY crowd… shows us how frightened moderates are of losing this appalling GOP extremist base. Shame on these good people!!

The country has become cowardly in the face of the onslaught of unreasonable extremist right-wing scare tactics. Both GOP and DEMOCRATS fall into this category.

Give us more Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrens the real voices of the “American people”. 

Unfortunately they appear to be voices in the wilderness of a growing hateful uncompromising mass of ignorant intolerant brutish political crowds of bogus pro-life but really pro-death maniacs intent on over throwing benevolent government as we know it and replacing it with some kind of non thinking military style cruel unfeeling Christian dictatorship. 

Is this the Spanish Inquisition all over again?.

Allan Grayson says we think we are a compassionate people..but where is the vocal opposition to the kind of incitement to blood-letting being screamed out loud from coast to coast?

Where is the loyal political opposition’s opposition to this new center of their own party?

Moderation in everything …apart from criticising these really evil trends… is needed or this country will slip unthinkingly into an abyss of indolence from which it might take a bloody people’s  revolution to get its humanity back.   

God help us… or any other entity with a soul in the right place…The peaceful people are on the streets now…but will be the winter of their discontent ?


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