As it becomes more and more obvious that Rick “Who would be King” Perry is a dangerous extremist executioner of innocent people  and a loutish TEXAS “slogan meister” it is also obvious why some in the blood lusting TEA PARTY vampires love his classless ass!

We won’t bore you with details here…But reading what Texas newshound Tim Hightower has to say about Rick’s obsession with executing people in the state of TEXAS is a frightening and enlightening experience.

How little many of the bubble heads in the GOP really know about Perry will hopefully be exposed as the days go on.

This man is not presidential material unless you might want to see Attila the Hun reincarnated.

Rick Perry is a bad man…a mean spirited extremist lap dog controlled by right wing money and a version of God that only exists in the grifter’s philosophies of  tax exempt religious evangelists who use suckers money to live high on the hog and may say they believe in JESUS …but would believe in Pee Wee Herman if it meant selling more fake books and bobble heads of the Holy Spirit. Rick loves those executions ..it makes him feel like God as his is the God that killed everybody on the planet apart for Noah and his extended family.

Last time around Rick “The Indicted “biggest booster was Donald Trump…Rick being endorsed by a man ruled by his hair and his almost as gigantic ego didn’t work …The Donald’s been quiet this time around as Rick “Fake Optics” blew it out his ass again as after sending his National Guard to the Border doesn’t have the money to feed them so instead of supporting his troops he’s starving them.

We may at this time be making fun of Rick ….his hair..his shirt collars…but this buffoon may have the ear of the weirdos that now compromise of some of the apparent main stream of the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

The problem for the country is this…if there is enough dissatisfaction with the current economy and there is a slight chance that the GOP might gain control of both houses and you have this total brute of a dumb ass running things…it’ll be “deja vu all over again.”

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