Obama is starting to rip the corporate tax dodgers a new one!

It’s about time …too long we’ve been allowing the richest amongst us to get away with monetary murder. They live high on the hog while we live low on the hock.

We want to see those threatening tax letters we get start to be sent to the cash stashers…they of course won’t get that sinking feeling  we get when we go to the mail box and see a letter from Internal Revenue… They give us internal stomach problems… and not many of us want to do a WESLEY SNIPES.

The GOP is fighting tooth and bail out to protect their benefactors. 

“Boehner the Obstructionist” has done so much pandering his nose has gone from orange to brown.. “Mental Mitch McConnell” has bent over backwards so many times his chiropractor can afford to retire and buy an island in the BAHAMAS.  

It’s beyond the scope of reason for many of us why all average Americans cannot see this GOP  protection of the rich as a detriment to their lowly position in the World….yet a good 37% of this country will vote blindly for the people who do not have their best interests at heart.. What the f*ck?

Bill Maher did this Idiot phenomenon up correctly on his show this last week as he and KEITH OLBERMAN stood talking to a man in a tightly sealed plastic bubble who didn’t hear a word they were saying  about what we’ve just been saying.

We are entering into an age of utter denial and ignorance of mind shattering proportions by a large section of the non thinking public. The people who buy Palin books and think Cheney is a war hero and not the modern MENGELA of the mass murder of men women and innocent children.

Some of it we have to put down to racism but most of it to the brilliance of the FOX/KOCH/CNN corporate media. Their propaganda machine has put stupid dumb assed wrong-headed messages into the heads of the susceptible masses.

An example last week while talking to an apparently sane person and complaining about the BANK OF AMERICA’s ridiculous policies and rules.. she agreed and added ..”Those damn Socialist Banks!”

That’s what we’re dealing with here folks who read this blog and do not have their heads up their asses…”Those damned Socialist banks!”..FOX NEWS has done its job..they have turned people into total unmitigated fools and nonsensical slogan crazed nincompoops.

Just what the Fascists want… a drone society who listen to the totality of their lies and act accordingly.

So the next question is …when will we be asked to invade MEXICO and Canada and how soon we’ll sign up to do it? 


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