We are beginning to feel at upsurge of real revolution that’s not the “bogus bussed bullshirt” TEA PARTY made up by the Koch Brothers revolution but a real rising deep gut wrenching anger.

Of course there are the duped racist right-wing Christian millions still in the “Bill Maher plastic bubble” ( See You Tube) and they would vote for Miss South Carolina or Hitler if Fox News tells them to.

NO!! We’re talking about the average folks from both sides who are beginning to realize that there is a serious assault on their family’s lifetime security.

An open blatant and clearly stated attack on their health, their education, their standard of living, the food they eat , the water they drink , the pay they receive for the work they do , the air they breath and the votes they take.

When Paul “Parent Killer” Ryan states without any equivocation that the middle class need to pay more taxes, while openly advocating even better tax breaks for the private sector and the dismantling of health care and social security, it takes blind arrogance and a lack of humanity to a place beyond even an episode of CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.’

We maybe be off base here, but the trumped-up Tea Party which has now obviously taken over the center of the REPUBLICAN philosophies in its Koch-sniffing insolent contemptuous palace coup, is starting to hopefully create  its own certain demise.

Big business has a way of doing this as its contempt for  the opposition to its policies takes on a hue of complete and utter superiority  which then coincides with massive major miscalculations. Ford’s Edsel…GM’s Aztek, Enron, and Dick Cheney’s Iraq oil war are a few examples…want more? How about 8 years of the corporate Bush administration protection of the Banks and Wall street bringing a solvent and brilliant country to  the brink of complete and utter…….RAT SHIT!!!!!   

So , as Michael Moore points out, we are at a crossroads.. and we are very cross!!!…in fact we are very angry birds!! The Fascist GOP governors know this and are desperately trying to head this anger off at the pass of smaller and smaller voter registration…what they fail to get is the more they think they’re succeeding the more they’re pissing off even their own base. They heard this as they cancelled their town hall meeting for fear of being assaulted by their own grandparents and college aged kids! You’d think they’d get the message!!

You just cannot be this contemptuous of the ordinary citizens of this country without finally making them take a gigantic wet crap on your head .

Obama ‘s veto warning means that at least he feels the seething finally.

We’de like to see  him standing side by side with Ed Schultz amidst the real revolution going on out there in the real middle America. This is not a country of extremes but if it takes “reverse extremism” to rid it of the blight of the right then let’s go for it!

2 Responses

  1. You said Chris. We are at a precipice of something either terrible or maybe wonderful. Maybe the people are waking up!

    • thanks for your comment..we’re on the path…let Obama lead the revolution…

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