Tea Party Central plans to organise WHITE GUYS IN SUITS brigades if they become all-powerful in the next election.

These WGIS units will be commissioned to spread out across the country to close down abortion clinics and family planning organisations. 

The WGIS army divisions will be trained in ways to laugh derisively at women who think they are equal to men.   

RETRAINING CAMPS  will be set up across the country to deal with feisty Liberal women , strident women of color and woman who refuse to cook and clean. 

Women’s rights will be reduced to women’s rights to play golf and drive big trucks without a permit.

Tits and ass will be tolerated in strip clubs where white men will be allotted a monthly government subsidy  to pay for lap dances and other favors.

Wives will be monitored when having personal trainers or tennis pros.

Homeland security airport guards will be entitled to pat down great looking women even if they’re not even flying anywhere.

Women who are gay will be sent to the Marcus Bachmann clinic where ex-lesbian prison matrons will beat the gay out of them.

Christian white women will be paid $1,000,000 a baby to encourage a whitening of an already  majorly browning America.

Shrines in the shape of a giant vagina will be built across the country to honor Sarah Palin for having so many white children.

“Wonder Woman” storylines will be rewritten depicting her as Muslim terrorist slut.

A vote on Congress will try to force the sterilization of women union workers and  progressives.

Nancy Pelosi and Rachel Maddow will be burnt at the stake in front of  the Chuck Norris fan club.



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