The richest country in the world crying poor mouth.

A Congress full of heartless fools voting to close down the government rather than supply much-needed humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of its own people ravished by floods and tornadoes.

Southern States continuing to execute innocent people over the protests of the world’s intelligentsia and religious leaders while their followers cheer them on.

War criminals responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children and the destruction of the American economy treated like elder statesmen and given the chance by the media to continue to make money from selling books full of bogus lying crap.

1% of the population of the country controlling the wealth of the rest of it… and wanting even more.

A  political party in control of many state legislatures attempting to usurp the DEMOCRATIC process of one man , one woman one vote.

The threat of systematic destruction of unions, the middle class, public schools, clean air and water and affordable health care.

All this with a Liberal majority and the first African American president..what has fate in store for us next November?

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