As the crowds at the staged Fox/CNN GOP debates act like bloodthirsty louts the face of that side of a narrow un-American culture is being revealed. It is being seen at last in the 3D it deserves. 

Perhaps the masses out there were not paying that much attention to the machinations of the extremist lunatic fringe Congress occupation of radical neo fascists as they tried to take down government.

Perhaps the wrecking of the America health care system and social security by Paul Ryan’s manifestos seem both unattainable and unreasonable and didn’t really resonate with the bulk of the folks watching “JERSEY SHORES” and the Kardashians trashing up television as Jerry Springer did with 20 years of staged nuns vs midget fights. 

Perhaps the independents and moderates didn’t read of hear of the fact that the GOP Governors they voted for at the mid terms were turning their states into Putin Style Russian corporate “my way or the highway” dictatorships. 

The young and the intelligent amongst us knew it but were turned off by the sheer weight of the corrupt politics they saw everywhere.

But there came a moment recently when all that started to change. What caused the shift will be talked about in future years. 

It might have been the sheer arrogant insanity of Boehner and McConnell thinking that Koch Brothers and the Supreme Court  combo could win an election back for the old white guys.

 It might have been sheer idiocy of the Palin’s, the Bachmann’s and Trump. How about the shut down of the government …the crushing of women’s rights, the war on the unions, science, clean air and education.??..all of that which we rant about regularly.

But we think it has all culminated in these GOP debates when the opposition party has had their chance to strut their stuff and show the nation why they should be running things.

Instead the candidates have chosen to not only to give no solutions to the nations worries what’s so ever but just continue try to take down the PRESIDENT with seditious and racist agendas.

They also were defending the killing of possible innocent people and condoning the death of uninsured Americans by not responding to the disgustingly classless despicable cheering and booing by the largely Tea Party radical audiences who were acting more like a lynch mob than  concerned  participants.   

Michael Moore appearing on several shows nailed it.

A social non violent revolution is manifesting itself.. and when the majority of the people get off their asses soon the so-called Tea Party will shrivel and become the flaccid bunch of Dicks its always been.

The Wall Street occupation , although hardly reported, is a potent of the future as it now shows its teeth in its fight against the past. The occupations of other states corporate robber barons has begun. 

When Herman Cain wins the Florida straw poll …something is really starting to rot in the Red center states of Jim DeMint land.  Non violent social revolution is very dangerous to big business…watch them panic.   


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