Significant news dings!!

***DING!!! The occupation of WALL STREET and other cities by the young ,the restless, the angry the vets, and the disenfranchised…

***DING!!!The counterproductive police brutality towards the peaceful protesters across the country.

The obvious  cynical and sarcastic coverage by the corporate press makes it clear that the people watching this  phenomenon who are “in the know” are sh*tting their pants.

“When domestically induced Government violence becomes the way to stop indigenous non violence the violent ones have already lost.”(Kent State massacre)

 The continued and growing non violent rallies across the country are causing  attrition and a building of   a spiritual and visceral connection with the basic fairness that still lives and breathes in the hearts of a sufficient amount of Americans to keep this movement afloat and healthy.   

Does America have the spirit of Gandhi who took down an empire with the force of the people?. They shot them , they beat them , they arrested them but still they showed up without a gun or a rock but with a one-dimensional purpose.

Are we however a part-time Democracy between Republican regimes?

Does America still have a will to see the righteous path to peace and prosperity?

It is a crumbling Empire that has spent 2.5 Trillion dollars of tax payers money on killing our own people and the people’s of several far away countries with nothing to show for it… Here we spend added billions on an out of control Homeland Security system that has abused our personal security and rights and grown to monumental unmanageable proportions. Dollars spent on persuading us we’re being protected while subjecting us to unspeakable anti democratic searches and surveillance. 

Not only are we waging hopelessly outdated war in third world countries… now we have allowed the GOP state governors who the states voted into power to wage unrelenting war on their own citizens. 

But beware of the sleeping giant of protest as it begins to take shape.

Business is aware and will condone the belittling and the beating and jailing of these “misguided hippy fools!

Gandhi was called a great deal worse.


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