The war on drugs heats up as the corporate raiders use the most addictive drug of all …money!!!… to hook the weak and insipid Tea Partiers leaders.

The most powerful money drug lords in the country THE KOCH FIENDS have saturated the marketplace with their product and made hopeless druggies out of the poor susceptible dumb asses ego freaks that have no will power and just follow along with the other stupid addicts.

THESE SO CALLED LEADERS ARE SUCKING ON THE TEET OF SUPPOSED POWER..when really they are just puppets in the control of the KOCH FIENDS and their partners in the eventual crushing of DEMOCRACY.

They are the Pablo Escobars of the GOP. They are the money-lords that have no scruples and all the rubles.

They are Al Pacino in Scarface without the really loonie accent… they don’t sniff coke up their noses , they  stuff money up Chris Christie’s ass .. and that’s a lot of money!

But what happens to KOCH fiends?

They are destroyed by their own arrogance ..they live by the big buck and they can die by the big buck.

Let’s hope the Koch Cartel will overstep its mark and prove that crime doesn’t pay all the time…

**Note the picture at the top is of Jim Carrey’s very first TV appearence where he played a coke freak. The show was called “The Sex and Violence Family Hour” created and produced by your friendly blogmaster.

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