“Fees that don’t please..the Bank of un-America!!”


Q. What do bankers do in their spare time?

A. Their laundry!


Trying to ask the banks for a small business loan is like asking Marcus Bachmann to “get the gay out” of Ted Haggard.


Getting cash from an ATM machine now requires you to use your card and submit a pound of flesh.


Debit cards in the future will have a built in chip that when you use it to just buy a stick of chewing gum it laughs at you.


Banks vaults are so full of unused stimulus money the bank presidents are taking it home and stuffing matresses with it.


Banks now own so many foreclosed homes they’re thinking of turning them into homeless shelters for the people they foreclosed on .


You can now get the use of a college student cheaper than you can get a college student loan.


If Obama takes on Wall Street and the banks he’ll be cutting off his contributors to spite his race!


Wall Street is starting to sh*t its pants due to the Occupy movement …they plan a peaceful counter protest to be held at the Hotel D’ Cap in the South of France.



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