“EXIT RIGHT!”……………………………………….

Thank  the Universe its almost over for the greatest con act in the history of dumbness..Bachmann is leaving not because she wants to but because she has to due to a massive amount of illegalities regarding her campaign finance money…. and so to the jokes folks

Michelle Bachmann’s 15 minutes of fame has just been reduced to 30 seconds..

It’s fading quicker than a Lindsay Lohan drug “recovery.”programs…

It’s fading faster than trust in the Congress and Karl Rove’s judgement…

It’s fading faster than Nancy Graces dancing and accusatory career.

Its fading faster than John McCain’s relevence.

Its’ fading faster that Dick Cheney’s electric pulse.

Its fading faster that people’s patience with the constant changes at Face Book.

The crowds have gone from filling arenas to not quite filling Starbucks.

Michelle is running out of money quicker than Greece.

Michelle Bachmann has had to cut back on private jets and Marcus’ Victoria Secrets spending.

Michelle still insists she’s got God in her corner along with the campaign workers who’re  insisting on being paid.

Michelle is telling folks that anything bad that happens to anything at all for the next year is Obama’s fault.

It’s fading faster than the people who admire Bristol Palin’s new chin.

Michelle will curtail her strength in order to conserve her energy of being “the bitch against Socialism and women’s rights”!

Michelle will  fight Ted Cruz to get  to say still say crazier things that don’t make any sense .



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