” WE’RE BANKING ON YOU!” 

The bank robbers are in the banks behind the counters. It’s the story of Robin Hood in reverse as Bank of America starts charging 5 bucks a month to let you use their debit cards to get your cash.

Just another nail in the bank book of keeping us poor and subservient….but a wait a minute as “the thieves of bank-bad” get ready to F&*# us over again are we are rising up?…and are we occupying their space?

Without a shot being fired around the proverbial World… the arrogance and greed of these bankers is about to be challenged be the very people they’re screwing!  

We the tax payers who bailed their sorry asses out and were repaid by higher interest rates and more fees and no loans when we most needed them… will rim them a new assh*le by a wave of massive protests.  They’ve miscalculated their place in society as corporate power does. 

The bottom line is America not Bank of America!

We will now find ways to leave the apparent safety of their vaults by returning to our mattresses if need be. There will be many smaller banks that don’t want a pound of our withering financial flesh. 

**This could be the start of something small!     A real grass-roots movement away from the white-collar criminals who insist on an out of control unfair profit margin.

Let’s make B of A and Citi Bank the Ugly Betty’s of debit and credit…remove our money and see how you like that bank swine!!!




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