There is word that the PRESIDENT had to be given a sedative to stop the hysterical laughter he just couldn’t stop when ,this weekend, war criminal  Dick Cheney demanded  Obama “apologize” for criticising the Bush Administration.

The reasoning behind the war criminal’s surreal grandstanding was the fact that Obama is doing what 8 years of Halliburton graft and incompetence could not do…the killing our sworn enemies.

FACE IT…in the short time Obama has been with us he’s decimated the terrorist enemy and rendered Al Qaeda has impotent as Dick,George,Karl and Donald’s combined one-eyed trouser snakes.

“Don’t let that Socialist bastard get the credit for making the country safe…it was our bombing and killing  and torturing that did it.” I am the King!!..

No you are the dick!!

Of all the hopeless and ridiculous statements Dick has made over the years this has got to be the Lulu.

Obama should apologize when GEORGE BUSH apologizes for taking this powerful solvent country down to an almost third world level for many of its citizens in 8 long “disaster movie” years~~

Obama should apologize when Fox News starts apologizing for covering the news untruthfully through the eyes of a one-dimensional Fascist Australian megalomaniac  who’s about to be exposed as a serial hacker along with his son and who the hell knows else! 

Obama should apologize when Wall Street and the Banks apologize for treating the average America with a little more respect than they would Michael Vick’s dog training habits.

If most of us had psychic powers or a chance to cast a real spell on somebody we believe that the first thing most of us would do would be to will an electric power failure at the Cheney residence and that all the stores  where the Cheney’s live would run out of batteries and 911 would have a major malfunction at that exact same time.   

This is an evil creep the World could do without.  



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