In an ironic move last night a co-host from the “Sean Hannity’s House of Lies” used the words “dirty and useless” to describe the massive all-inclusive and growing occupational rebellion of the other America they are trying to destroy. 

The fear these massive protests are  instilling in the corporate world can only be described as damp sweaty panic! 

In calling the huge peaceful and diverse protesters in New York plus  the gathering storm  of others across the country “dirty and useless” Fox reveals that livid fear.  When  in doubt insult to the extreme!!

“The American People” John  Boehner is so fond of quoting as being on his side, are finally proving that they are a horse of different color other than orange.

…The TEA PARTY Koch Brother’s paid for “grass-roots revolt” was “bogus bought patriotism… and this real grass-roots unpaid for revolt is “dirty and useless”, which… excuse us for saying… describes Fox News and has for a long time.  

So from now on we suggest that Liberal media and the rest of the blogs replace Fox’s
“FAIR AND BALANCED BULLSH*T SLOGAN with : “Dirty and Useless!”  

                       “NOT NEWS AT WORK~~”



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