As the political battle lines become more and more clearly defined we are beginning to witness the real turning point in American history.

 It’s a natural grass-roots movement versus the fake corporate inspired jingoistic Astroturf costume party known as the Tea Bag  movement. 

The real grass-roots movement is a combination of the young and the restless, the educated and the deprived, the unions and the strong women of the country.. The fake “Astroturfers” are mostly old , white scared racist and dim. 

Sorry folks in the TEA PARTY but you duped fools should be standing with the other side against the people who don’t give a flying Hungarian shirt about you, that’s how hopelessly out of touch you are.   

Most of you older baggers are on Social Security right?

Most of you need MEDICARE right?

Most of you want to see your grandkids kids get a good free education right? Most of you want to breathe clean air and not chunks of industrial waste right?  So you should dump the funny hats and the Obama Hitler posters and get with the program judging from the recent debaters you won’t ! Cheering death when your over sixty is not a smart thing to do!  Booing active military in Iraq because of their love life is a might unfeeling and definitely unpatriotic.!

The Fox  News”dirty hippie crowds ” spin is already looking pretty funky in the face of  major union involvement, and the backing of a Nobel Prize winner , the airline pilots of America, the nursing professional, war veterans and college kids.

This disorganised group of Americans do not have the Koch Brothers billions behind them , they are essentially a disparate bunch with a widely diverse number of pertinent issues that piss them off.

Most of these issues begin with the white-collar criminality of the Wall Street stock exchange thieves and the Banks who continue unabatedly on the greatest rip off of the American public since the last Dennis Miller concert.    

But as long as at least 37% of stunned scared white Americans insist on voting for the GOP …the party that kisses the ass of the 1% of the country and who don’t give a *&%^ about the very people who will vote for them…… there will be political blood.

We believe, however wrongly, that in the end run there will be more of us than there are of them…and the real grass will be greener as we do not allow a synthetically manufactured imitation of America to take over our vibrant society.

Timed will tell and so will Newsweek…





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