CHRIS “SITS” ON IT!……………………..

As predicted it was all over and the fat man didn’t swing.!!

Governor Chris Christie will not run for President but will concentrate on trying to find a tent maker to tailor his next suit.  He’s gonna sit this one out …and  when the Governor sits … he really sits.

As the biggest butt of the talk show hosts Christie has decided not to jump into the GOP Presidential candidates pool for fear of drowning everyone else in it!

He will however continue to serve the New Jersey public by pulverizing the public school system into small particles of uneducated minority dust and let the other members of the GOP/Tea Party pack take care of screwing the middle class and the poor in the rest of the country.

Disappointed Republicans will now have to choose between Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle -Tea!

TWEEDLE-TEA who shoots off his mouth but can’t hit a target and with the debating skills of Miss South Carolina …and a guy who has more hair than common sense.

..and TWEEDLE-DUMB … a guy whose grandfather married a few 16 year olds back in the “good old Latter Day Saints days” when men were not men unless they had 15 wives and 200 children.

Chris Christie will thankfully go back to riding around in government helicopters at the tax payers expense , kissing the Koch Brothers asses and appearing on “Man versus Food” where food never wins!

Chris Christie has been known to eat people out of house and home by actually eating their house and home.

Tonight there will be another spat of jokes about Chris Christie on Letterman,Leno, and Uncle Tom Conan and all!



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