We think its a great idea to invade MEXICO…thank you ex- candidate Rick Perry for this suggestion.

Here  are some of the reasons this sounds like a plan.

#1.They give great drugs.

#2. It will make TEXAS much bigger.

#3. It’ll take the public’s mind off invading Afghanistan and Iraq. 

#4. We’ll save a fortune on border patrols and useless fences.

#5. Just think of the even cheaper labor using prisoners of war.

#6.”Occupy MEXICO” will make “Occupy Wall” Street seem insignificant.  

#7.We can force them all speak English.

#8.We won’t have to ask any of them to show their papers any more.

#9.The price of boutique TEQUILA will plummet.

#10.Rick Perry will have done something right.  



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