Its pretty unnerving to realize how this country has grown increasingly unfeeling about its citizens and so openly racist in its attitudes.

Just about every night if you tune into Fox News , or even CNN there is this air of disdain towards dissent if it is from the left.

I never remember the United States as being a really gentile place…it has always been loud and brassy and jingoistically patriotic. But it always had a heart and a generous soul that compensated for the crassness.It was a warm and friendly place with an openess and an awareness of other people’s feelings.

But in the last 10 years this has slowly changed.  It seemed to begin when Al Gore had the election stolen from him by the Supreme Court and the Bush /Cheney/ Rumsfeld regime who proceeded to brutalised the Democratic system with its lies and deceits and extremist propaganda machine.

The Bush people were war criminals and almost immediately started attacking other countries and killing innocent  men women and children to cover up their incompetence for allowing their homeland to be attacked.

We seem to become anesthetized to the smashing of Baghdad as we over compensated on the side of misplaced revenge.

We were attacked by Saudi Arabia and we attacked Iraq!!…It made no sense to many of us then.. as it now makes no sense to almost everyone apart from Dick Cheney who still insists it was the right thing to do.

Almost to the day we attacked the wrong country and started the killing we lost our humanity. We put stickers on our cars ..”support our troops”…and anyone that criticised the action was a unapatriotic pig. This was an unnerving experience for many of us as it didnt’t seem to be the country we loved and lived in. I lost many friends who called me a dirty traitor for questioning the validity of the war in Iraq.

It was shocking to me. I saw hate in these people’s faces against me.

It was early on that we lost it …but that was just the beginning. The nastiness that has since descended on America is now downright scary. The polarization is incredible in its intensity…we seem to be forced to defend just being a normal peace-loving person. We have to take sides to defend our mere exhistence.

Even the entertainment on television turned nasty 10 years ago with the advent of the cruelty of the reality show formats where people were and still are treated with insults if they fail and negativity reigns as hoards of untalented ordinary people are subjected to debilitating mental and physical punishment.

I myself don’t find any of this even vaguely entertaining but I realize that I am in a tiny minority as the success of such humorless and embarrassing formulas just grows.

I think, as this nastiness grows through the Fox News noise and other radio and television outlets, the America Idol may well be the Biggest Loser.


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