The dye is cast!!

The cast is set.!!

Its Romney vs. Perry or Perry vs Romney….

The lesser of the two axis’ of evils?

A battle between a guy who can’t get his act together and a guy who has an act but changes it every week depending on what the polls say.

Romney born with a silver spoon in his mouth…Perry born to put his cowboy boot in his mouth.

The squeaky clean flip flopper versus the not so clean shoot from the hipster!

Who will prevail..who will gain the affection of the combo of the crazy Christian extremists and the corporate Wall street establishment.

Crazy Christians ? Chalk them up for Perry!!

Wall Streeters ? Chalk them up for Romney??

Independents? Chalk them up for wait and see what Obama does.

Occupiers of Wall Street.?.Chalk them up for …??? who the hell knows !!!..but there’s gonna be a whole lot of chalk spilled before this is over.

What Obama needs to do is show solidarity with the 99% ..maybe just maybe he’ll get a 51% victory..and maybe he’ll just fade away …but one things for sure shit is gonna happen now the real American people are in the streets.

Time will tell and so will Newsweek.!

You want religious white guys… you got ’em!!!



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