We feel something here that is going beyond politics.

As we listen to the voices of the intelligent and articulate spokespersons for the revolution we can see this is beyond the narrow framed politics of WASHINGTON.

Make no mistake this is a REAL revolution from the ground up..

It will not be stopped ..it is deep and it is true blue. It is at the moment leaderless… and such demands attention from that very fact. It is a people’s revolution…and we await the emergence of its premier spokespersons… and they will come.

But as we think about it… it also acquires us to surmise where does the PRESIDENT of the all people stand on this.?

Already a maverick REPUBLICAN running for office of the President Buddy Roehmer is standing with the revolution of the 99%. Is this a grandstand move by an obscure older more Liberally minded  GOP guy?..Maybe….We don’t know that.

Ron Paul has said he sees merit in this movement. Unions are there.. some other politicians like Russ Feingold are there.. Michael Bloomberg on the other hand has a twittering ring piece…

If the Police are asked to use force …will they due to being union men and women themselves?

This is looming larger than anyone expected and qiucker…but if the Rightists put the kettle on a year ago..they must expect it to boil into a perfect storm..

President Obama is preaching the message of this movement on his bus tour…but will he stand with the people or will he stay on the side lines n the imaginary middle that surely by now he knows just does not exist.?

While the completely out of touch Congress led by the clown prince of Orange and “Eric the Red Cantor , still talk a load of stupid right wing corporate crap and continue along this road of middle class destruction..will Obama step in and march with the very people he needs to sweep himself and real reform back into office?

This could be a pivotal moment not only in his power but in the actual future of this country.

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