As one sits down to read the daily news one is faced with the fact that things are going totally and utterly off the rails.

It’s as if all sense of reason has left this country and the rest of the world is joining in. It is easy to blame current affairs but as we said a few days ago ..this wasn’t happening until the Republican Party decided during the Clinton administration that they had to get rid of democracy…. Bill Clinton dropped his guard and his pants and that was the moment the right-wing was waiting for.. The fight to take down the American society started when Clinton took down his pants.

The palace coup election of a moron owned and controlled by oil interests and corporate power killed the goose that laid our golden egg.  And here we are a F^*& society!..and to ease the pain of this realization now for the jokes…

**Right after telling her donors she’s not running Sarah Palin denounces a new movie about her called “”Swindlers List”.

**Herman Cain’s political acumen has been seen circling The Planet Venus.

**Eric Cantor calls occupiers “a growing mob” …the “mob” ignores Eric and just keeps growing and growing!”

**Hank Williams Jnr put out to pasture by ESPN  has been offered a job on the new “All Hitler” cable channel.

**Bachmann thanks a follower who says he’d “rather vote for Charles Manson than Obama”… and then promptly returns into the oblivion known as her brain.

**Meanwhile Charles Manson seeing the state of the GOP field of Candidates is contemplating a run on the even further than lunatic fringe “More Lunatic Fringe Party platform.”

**Scott Brown insults Elizabeth Warren with a stupid sexist comeback when asked about his posing nude…so at least he’s shored up the stupid sexist  voters demographic..a neccessary and important part of the Tea Party base.

**Due to its new draconian immigration laws Alabama is facing a complete loss of its tomato crop business and the closure of most of its schools, McDonald’s, child care centers, sanitary departments, maid services, and landscape and poll businesses.

**Police using force to remove OWS demonstrators have been asked to only club the young ..while macing the old.

**Rick Perry tries to blunt criticism of the N-Word Hunt club scandal by pleading “ignorance” and it seems to be working as more and more people are saying he’s ignorant.

**Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have been forcibly inducted into “The Clown Hall of Fame!”

**Nancy Grace is accusing Amanda Knox being complicit in murder of not voting for her on DWTS.


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