It is very apparent that the Occupy Wall Street movement that’s spreading like “angry people wild-fire” across the country… is giving the REPUBLICAN PARTY screaming sh*t fits. 

The complete”over the top” rhetoric emitting from the rabid slathering mouths of people like Pete King, Herman Cain, Eric Cantor, Anne Coulter, Rush Limbaugh etc etc…tell the tale of these blustering buffoons!!

Its so very clear they just cannot tell a historical moment in American history when they see it. They are blinded by their narrow framed treachery.


Their ego and their arrogance… aided and abetted by the Fox News and other media streams … will now slowly die a long and painful death at the hands of the next generational revolutionaries.It may not come soon …but it will come!!

The country is in for a year’s worth of the growth of “people power”.  As the revolution consolidates and develops its long term goals and plans the American people will be treated to a dose of reality.

This REALITY  will not be missed by many on either side of the political spectrum.

LEADERS WILL APPEAR..intelligent people for a change.

This is not about bigger or smaller government…or abortion rights ..or Christian America…no way… this is about fairness to the average man woman and child in this county. This is about the dignity of the worker and the innovator. It is about free education and free health care.

It ‘s the teaching of JESUS without the religious bit. It’s the teachings of Gandhi without the British Empire and curry.

It is about us!!

And when the idiot freak out scared REPUBLICAN media mouth pieces… who allow the kind of crazy maligning dialogue to seep into the consciousness of their propaganda… they don’t realize they are assisting in making the resolve of the movement towards fairness even stronger and stronger. These people wear the insults from the right as badges of honor. Making them bleed also won’t work!! 

There’s even word that Republican troublemakers are infiltrating the peaceful crowds and trying to stir up violence…this is how totally uptight the GOP and its corporate masters are becoming.

This is as unstoppable as Donald Trumps ego …as unstoppable as Sarah Palin’s con-act and as unstoppable as Marcus wearing a Cher costume to his Halloween party.


Just watch out for the Supreme Court they’re the axis of evil..and the Anti Christ …as well as the Bubonic Plague ..and fans of Dennis Miller.



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