The combined undisclosed cash being raised by the Koch Brothers and the Karl Rove group to buy the next elections will amount to a half billions dollars and probably more.

What chance does DEMOCRACY have against this and the deliberate voter suppression taking place right now? 

This county is openly in the throes of a non democratic place coup being perpetrated on an American public who seem oblivious to the fact they are about to be taken over against by the people who got them into this jam in the first place.

***49% of the country has never heard of the Wall Street occupation while 85% know who McDonald’ is giving away free french fries and a million dollars in their new Monopoly game. 

This is not a conspiracy theory this is actually the real deal..

Its not even being hidden from us. So when the time comes we should know we are about to taken over by an unfeeling giant octopus of greed and corruption who will quickly enslave us and put all our social services and safety valves in jeopardy.

The question is will these new world leaders still let us keep our reality TV, our flat screens and our guns.

Guns may be a problem for Liberals, school teachers, old people and gays. 

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