The daily intensity of the panicky REPUBLICAN response to the people’s revolution is becoming so high-pitched German Shepherds are starting to descend on GOP candidates headquarters and the Fox News Studios.

“Mature” people who were protesting the war in the 60’s & 70’s are having nostalgia attacks and the Tea Party is feeling so “old school.”

Meanwhile Rush Limbaugh is dusting off words like “parasites” and even “Communists” while  they keep having to sew the top of his head back on which continues to blow off at the drop of another city being occupied.

Another brilliant REPUBLICAN has just likened this peaceful American right to protest the Wall Street criminality as “Hitler invading Poland!! ”  No shit!! look it up you can’t make this stuff up.

If we thought the REPUBLICANS were crazy before …this is making them psychotic!! 

The protesting multitudes are strangely not against just the REPUBLICAN Congress but against the entire joke of a political process which has been made a mockery by America allowing the lunatic fringe in at the midterms.  The country’s fault for sure!!!

This is where the truth lies. Obama and the Democrats took their eyes of the road and their hands off the wheel and they lost control.  Boehner and McConnell were given power and Tea Baggers and they didn’t know how to handle it and it stopped America in its tracks. 

Obama tried to appease the “unappeasable!:

He became Don Quixote tilting at the windmills of bigotry, dysfunction and corporate greed. 

Obama is part of the problem as this revolution is inspired by the need for real change which Obama is incapable of bringing about without  a complete change of who he is. He is “establishment” and the revolution is anti-establishment. He is the lesser of 2 evils while being a part of it.He is right now his own worse enemy trying to put a band aid on a huge gaping wound which is the possible demise of America as it is taken over by Wal-Mart mentality.

DEMOCRATS may embrace the Occupiers but they will not necessarily embrace the DEMOCRATS. 

We’ve been waiting for this revolution for a year or more …and now it has come and it confounds main stream rationality and ,as such, causes it to lash out with Hitler, Socialism , Anarchy, Communist, mob rule, dangerous crowds and threats of plagues of locusts references.

Laughable stuff to the peaceful affable apolitical young occupiers and the intelligentsia who know what’s it’s all about. Read some Paul Krugman…

If JESUS came back right now …the Christians would have  a great shock when he occupied Wall Street with the rest of the common put upon folks.


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