Silly season continues with another round of REPUBLICAN blustering buffoonery, Obama bashing, Christian on Christian values dust ups, cowboy foot in the mouth disease and insignificant non specific insanity about the economy and jobs.

Moderators will suffer from the usual “soft balls” malady…and Herman Cain will grow whiter by the moment.


Mitt Romney will deny being a liberal thinker in any and will tell the audience he will make Chuck Norris the head of the Department of Defense  and he’ll intern and torture anyone who says his health care plan was used as a prototype by Obama. And if that isn’t enough he will stomp on a large poster of Rachel Maddow after drawing Hitler mustache on her.

Herman Cain will tell the gathered hordes of blood lusting gay haters that he plans to kill all the gays and sick people in the country he’ll do this so he can get a standing ovation….after the debate he will say he misspoke and he didn’t mean kill he just meant maim.

Rick Perry will say he’s been talking to Jesus who told him..”no way” did He come back to EARTH and give any old pervert the right to marry busty sixteen year old girls.. he will also say he ‘d never liked the Mormon Tabernacle choir saying: “They ‘re just a bunch of Streisand would be’s!>

Newt Gingrich will look like a loser again.

Ron Paul will be revealed to have much too much hair growing out of his ears and smelling kinda dank.

Rick Santorum’s stylist will deny he’s been using a hair dye stolen from Cher’s Vegas dressing room.

Michelle Bachmann will attempt to find a second expression other than “Hopelessly Stunned!”

John (The Other Mormon) Huntsman will set himself on fire as a last resort to get any kind of attention.

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